Emergency Preparedness and Response in Rockville, MD: A Comprehensive Guide

As an emergency management expert, I have seen firsthand the importance of being prepared for disasters. In Rockville, Maryland, a city with over 68,000 residents, emergency preparedness is taken seriously. The city has implemented various policies and plans to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents in times of crisis.

Emergency Preparedness Policy

The City of Rockville has a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Policy that outlines the city's approach to preparing for and responding to emergencies. This policy is based on the principles of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The policy serves as a framework for the city's emergency management activities and ensures that all departments and agencies work together in a coordinated manner during emergencies.

It also outlines the roles and responsibilities of each department and agency in emergency preparedness and response. The Emergency Preparedness Policy is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in addressing the ever-changing nature of emergencies.

Emergency Operations Plan

In addition to the Emergency Preparedness Policy, Rockville also has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). This plan provides detailed guidance on how the city will respond to different types of emergencies, such as natural disasters, public health emergencies, and man-made disasters. The EOP outlines the roles and responsibilities of various departments and agencies during an emergency. It also includes procedures for communication, resource management, evacuation, sheltering, and recovery. The EOP is regularly tested through drills and exercises to ensure that all departments and agencies are prepared to respond effectively in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Management Coordinator

The City of Rockville has an Emergency Management Coordinator who is responsible for coordinating the city's emergency preparedness and response efforts. The coordinator works closely with all departments and agencies to ensure that the city is well-prepared for emergencies. The coordinator also serves as the point of contact for state and federal agencies during emergencies and is responsible for requesting assistance when needed.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The City of Rockville also has a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is made up of trained volunteers who assist in emergency response efforts.

These volunteers are trained in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, and first aid. The CERT program enhances the city's emergency response capabilities by providing additional support during disasters. CERT volunteers are often the first to respond to an emergency in their neighborhood, providing immediate assistance until professional responders arrive.

Emergency Notification System

To ensure that residents are informed and updated during emergencies, the City of Rockville has an Emergency Notification System. This system allows the city to send out alerts and notifications via phone, email, and text message to residents in affected areas. Residents can sign up for this service on the city's website or by calling the Office of Emergency Management. This system is used to provide important information, such as evacuation orders, shelter locations, and road closures, during emergencies.

Sheltering and Evacuation Plan

In the event of an emergency that requires residents to evacuate their homes, the City of Rockville has a Sheltering and Evacuation Plan.

This plan outlines the procedures for evacuating residents and providing shelter for those who are unable to stay with family or friends. The city has designated several locations as emergency shelters, including schools, community centers, and government buildings. These shelters are equipped with basic supplies and resources to provide temporary housing for residents during emergencies.


The City of Rockville takes emergency preparedness and response seriously and has implemented various policies and plans to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the city is well-prepared for any type of emergency that may arise. Residents can also play a role in emergency preparedness by staying informed, signing up for the Emergency Notification System, and being prepared with a personal emergency plan. By working together, we can ensure that Rockville remains a safe and resilient community in the face of emergencies.